Technology is never perfect.

Pebrero 10, 2014


This adage can be applied to everything, even to those things that imply the presence of advanced technology. Take RE (renewable energy) for example. Compared to traditional petroleum-based energy systems, RE systems depend on the latest (relatively speaking) energy-production technology. But, even modern RE technology has its issues. Andiyan yung sobrang mahal siya for small […]

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Bob Marley lives!

Setyembre 18, 2013


Yung iba, naniniwala na buhay pa rin si Tupac Shakur. Pero ito, patunay na buhay pa rin si Bob Marley (well, at least yung boses niya at ang epekto nito sa mga tagapakinig). Yeah, mon! 🙂

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Active online life ng Pilipinas

Abril 9, 2013


I saw this image recently online. We really are quite “wired,” ano po? Well, at least compared to many other countries out there. I just hope that, someday, the entire Philippines would be lit up — just like Japan, South Korea, Europe and the US East Coast. 🙂

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Ang gusto kong Senatoriable ay…

Pebrero 4, 2013


Even though the usual reaction that most TV campaign ads elicits from me is a cringe or a face-plant followed by a sigh, there are some notable exceptions out there. My criteria for liking or disliking a particular campaign ad has less to do with the “catchiness” of the tune or the “cuteness” of the gimmick […]

Doomsday what?

Disyembre 22, 2012


So I waited until 7:11 PM yesterday, December 12, 2012, for the supposed “end of the world.” Pffft! That’s the end of me believing in all these Apocalypse theories. Hehehe. Maka-inom na nga lang! 🙂

Lapit na daw “end of the world”?! Makapag-handa na nga din!

Disyembre 7, 2012


This looks like a good start towards being a “Doomsday Prepper.” I wonder if it’s being sold in the Philippines?

Help end the wasteful fishing system in Europe!

Oktubre 15, 2012


I’m an avid fan of celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. I make it a point to always catch his shows on a certain cable TV channel, especially the “River Cottage” series, which I find not only educational and interesting, but socially-relevant as well. You can tell that his heart is in the right place by […]

Maka-join na nga din sa “What if?” bandwagon na ‘to.

Agosto 23, 2012


After more and more of the events leading to DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s plane crash last Saturday came out on TV and on online sites, the expected “what ifs” began to flow. Teka, hindi ko sinasabing masama ang ganito ha. Human nature yun eh — yung mag-speculate, especially in relation to a very controversial event. […]

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Kyusi Circle then, Kyusi Circle now… wow!

Hulyo 2, 2012


I really love it whenever I come across old photographs of famous landmarks online and get the opportunity to compare those photos with how the landmarks actually look today. Oftentimes the comparison is negative — e.g., mas sumikip, mas dumumi and paligid, nasira ang view, etc. But, sometimes, you see an obvious improvement. Take these […]

Ah basta! Zhang Ziyi’s alright by me.

Hunyo 13, 2012


Si Zhang Ziyi… first-class prosti?! Imposibli! Este… imposible! Bakit naman niya kailangang gawin yun? Ang magbenta ng laman? Mayaman naman siya, di ba? Malaki ang kinita niya sa sunod-sunod na Hollywood blockbusters na nasamahan niya! At siguro naman maganda ang love-life niya. Hindi totoo ang mga bintang! Tsismis lang yun! Malamang sinisiraan  siya dahil sa […]

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